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Adoptable Characters

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If you wish to adopt a Turk, please speak to me. Once I pass off ownership to you, copy their character skeleton, and fill out unfilled spaces/flesh them out. I would prefer the only Turks in the game to be canon ones, but there's a chance I might make an exception here and there.

Current adoptable characters and their statuses: Rod (Male) - Alvis Crisis[OPEN], Gun (Female) - Emma[TAKEN], Two Guns (Male) - Ruluf[OPEN], Shotgun (Female) - Freyra[OPEN], Martial Arts (Male) - Juget[OPEN], Martial Arts (Female) - Maur[OPEN], Katana (Male) - Balto[OPEN], Shuriken (Female) - Cissnei[TAKEN], Nunchaku (Male) - Shatex[TAKEN?], Knife (Female)[OPEN], Legend (Male)[OPEN], Tseng[TAKEN], Reno[TAKEN], Rude[OPEN], Veld [OPEN]

Name: Alvis Crisis
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Allegiance: Shin-Ra
Rank/Occupation: Turk
Weapon: Electro-Mag Rod augmented with Materia.
Appearance: With unkempt auburn hair, Rode (Male) wears the standard Turk uniform of black suit with black tie, white undershirt and brown boots.
Personality: Cocky and headstrong, and strives to be the best.
Bio: Rod (Male) spent his time getting into turf wars with other gangs and running about on various stolen motorbikes. Made the leader of his gang at the age of 18, Rod (Male)'s towering self-confidence allowed the members of his gang to place full and complete trust in their young leader.

Having come so far in his short life and never knowing the taste of defeat, he lived life with the certainty that nothing could possibly take him down. It was that sense of pride that prompted him to test out his skills by trying to steal a motorbike from the garage of the Shin-Ra building. However, he was quickly humbled with the arrival of the Turks, who stopped his attempt and showed him that he was not as strong as he had originally thought.

Now working as a Turk, Rod (Male) intends to become the best by working with the best; harboring aspirations of assuming leadership of the group one day.

Like Reno, Rod (Male)'s speech is very informal. Casually addressing everyone in the same crude way no matter their status, a habit that seems to irritate Gun (Female). Rod (male) is also something of an expert in the area of maintenance and repair of motorcycles and is also a skilled driver.

Name: Ruluf
Age: 22~25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Allegiance: Shin-Ra
Rank/Occupation: Turk
Weapon: Dual Handguns augmented by Materia.
Appearance: Two Guns (Male) wears the standard Turk uniform of black suit with black tie, white undershirt and brown boots. He does not wear the standard black tie and leaves the top of his shirt unbuttoned. His black hair is long and unkempt in the front, though combed back on one side. His eyes are a greyish blue, and he wears small hoop earrings.
Personality: He is a cool professional who always carries out his orders with precise efficiency. It is said that by the time you look into his guns, you are already dead. Unfortunately, he's used to the way criminals operate, and has issues with the Turk's protocol.
Bio: After spending most of his life in the criminal Underground of the Midgar Slums as a bodyguard for Don Corneo, Two Guns (Male) eventually grew tired of the petty politics and cruel intrigues, and left the business. Shortly after, he was offered a position in the Turks, which he accepted to escape Don Corneo's wrath.

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