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PLEASE READ: Forum Rules

Post  Ninian on Thu Feb 02, 2012 9:29 pm


1. Please read all of the information presented. Even if you're familiar with FFVII, there might be things you don't know.

2. The typical rule of thumb: no godmoding. Your character can't run around hacking and slashing, killing even air itself on it's unnecessary rampage. However.. some actions, such as killing characters, always require consent as they significantly impact the RPing of other users. Other actions that always require consent include, but are not limited to:
-Destruction of a town, city or landscape
-Moving a group to another location
-Killing, kidnapping, or mutilation of important NPCs

3. If you wish to play a canon character(for instance Cloud) you will have to ask me permission, and do an audition.

4. Chat Speak brings us pain. We love words that are spelled out completely! Spelling errors are warmly welcomed, though we'd love to see your educational level by avoiding all sorts of Chat Speak.

5. Posts will be in third person, past tense format. Try to practice 'mirror posting' as well. If someone has a 6 paragraph post, a sentence won't be acceptable.

6. If you apply as a child or student of a canon character, you'll probably be rejected and laughed out.

7. Narrated fights between characters can be rather complex. Generally, one character must narrate an action, such as an attack, and the character affected by that action may respond. It is not practical to go into extreme detail for every move of a battle, but the most to all majorities of wounds or actions should always follow this format. For the same reason that not every attack should hit, a character may not dodge every attack. Battles do not have to be equal matched depending on the number and skill of the characters. Experiments and Soldiers would generally have the upper-hand against say... A Shin-Ra Executive or a Mercenary. Also, most shifters would generally be weaker than say a SOLDIER. It all really depends.

8. If you're going to use Hojo as a scapegoat for your experimentation, please do it in a manner that would go along with his timeline, and personality. Please do not forget there are other scientists, not just Hojo.

9. If there is a materia--particularly a summon materia--implanted inside your character's body used for super-human purposes or the like, it will eventually consume your body.

10. When moving to a new area, please note that you or your group exited in the thread, and then post in the appropriate city/town thread.

11. If you plan to contact a character someone controls via cellphone(PHS), the conversation must occur in both locations.

12. This is less of a rule than a courtesy--please color code your dialogue. It would be much appreciated if you picked a unique color for each of your characters, assuming you have more than one.


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