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Name: Reno Sinclair
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Allegiance: Shin-Ra/Friends
Rank/Occupation: Turk/Agent of the Investigative Sector of the Shin-Ra Electric Power Company
Weapon: Electro Mag Rod
Personality: At times Serious but mainly playful and and somewhat lazy with Work,A tad sarcastic,Bit of a Ladies Man and usually likes to try the patience of Coworkers.
Bio: Born in Sector 6 of Midgar,Reno was brought up in a Family of Poverty.Beaten by his Father yet adored by his Mother he desperately searchec for somewhere to be accepted.At age 19 he tried picking the Pocket of Rude who then had him Arrested and brought to Shinra Headquarters where Reno begged Company CEO,President Shinra for a Job.....The rest is History.


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